Scientific committees of the Polish Academy of Sciences constitute the independent, cooperating with the Academy's divisions, nation-wide representation of individual disciplines or their groups or interdisciplinary scientific problems, serving the integration of researchers from the whole country. The committees are composed of the members of the Polish Academy of Sciences of respective disciplines, outstanding research workers of higher education establishments, research centers of the Polish Academy of Sciences, departmental research units and of economic and social organizations.

In order to carry out certain scientific tasks, the Presidium of the Academy, on the motion of the President of the Polish Academy of Sciences, creates task force committees for the period of the tenure of its authorities. A task force committee may be affiliated with the Presidium or with a division of the Academy. The composition of task force committees is not a representation of a community, but a properly selected team of experts engaged in a certain research problem.

Scientific and task force committees as bodies of the Academy affiliated with the divisions or directly with the Presidium of the Academy perform advisory and consultative functions. The basic task of committees is to influence the development of a given discipline on a country scale as well as to integrate research centers and communities and to solve certain research problems. Of particular significance are committees' activities in the field of consultation, dissemination and introduction of the results of scientific research, including in particular the organization of scientific conferences and meetings and the initiation of scientific research. A number of committees produce their own publications (monographs and journals), in which the papers dealing with the disciplines covered by their scope of activities are published.

For the period 2003-2006 pursuant to the Resolution No. 3/2002 of the General Assembly of the Polish Academy of Sciences dated 10 December 2002, and amendment introduced with the Resolution No. 3/2003 of the General Assembly of the Polish Academy of Sciences dated 18 December 2003, 65 standing committees were set up, covering the basic scientific disciplines, cooperating with the individual divisions of the Polish Academy of Sciences. The Presidium of the Polish Academy of Sciences pursuant to its Ordinances No. 1/2003 and 2/2003 dated 21 January 2003 and No. 4/2004 dated 11 February 2004 created 30 scientific committees, other than standing committees for basic research disciplines, cooperating with the Academy’s divisions as well as 11 task force committees and 3 councils affiliated with the Academy’s Presidium. Altogether 109 committees (including 3 councils in the capacity of task force committees) were established.

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